Presidium operates its organization with the highest ethical standards and prides itself on always doing the right thing. It is often said that the "best way to predict the future is to create it." Presidium looks forward to the future as it continues to grow and create countless opportunities for its investors, team members, and community members alike.

Excellence, Efficiency and Hard Work

Presidium is committed to consistently attaining the highest levels of performance. Presidium has assembled a quality team of professionals that strive for operational excellence day in and day out. We excel because we outwork our competition.


Presidium takes their responsibility as fiduciaries to their stakeholders very seriously. We operate with the highest ethical standards and pride ourselves on always doing the right thing.


We, at Presidium, are pioneers that push the boundaries of the industry. Presidium was one of the first groups to install sustainable amenities in our properties starting in 2009, including aerating devices to reduce water consumption, as well as solar PV installations to reduce our electricity consumption. We also advanced the model of design-driven renovations, creating a superior and unique product through architecture and design expertise.


We encourage cooperation and collaboration throughout our organization. This constant flow of information is essential to success in this industry, and Presidium’s people communicate constantly throughout the life-cycle of an asset to ensure the success of the investment.

You can learn a lot about a company by what it invests in.