There is no magic formula for discovering real estate opportunities. It takes diligence, competence, experience and a great nose for knowing “what’s next”. Read More


In a business like ours — one that includes property management, property development, acquisitions, construction, law, finance, accounting, and asset management — experience matters. A lot. At every level. That’s why we've staffed our firm with 250+ of the most experienced people we could find at every level, from the board room to the mail room. Read More


Most of our investment properties weren’t built with sustainability in mind. At the time of their original construction, such initiatives were deemed as expensive and unnecessary extravagances. But times have changed. Putting sustainability at the forefront of our business philosophy is not just the responsible thing go do, it’s the profitable thing to do as well. Read More


Teamwork makes the dream work. That’s why seek out not just the best and brightest, but individuals who know how to work together as a team. Read More